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In Musings

By Lindsey

Crash and Burn :: Hunt and Celebrate

On 04, Sep 2012 | No Comments | In Musings | By Lindsey

Before this ::


Was this ::


I got in a hit & run wreck Sunday morning on my way home to Memphis. I had to fill in at work Sunday, so left a fun weekend in North MS early. On my way back into town a white vehicle hit me — sent me spinning — I only came to a stop when I ran into another car. The white vehicle gone before my tires stopped spinning. Probably had outstanding warrants. Don’t think I wanted to meet him anyhow. Just glad for the witnesses even if one of them did ask me, minutes after the crash while I’m still in driver seat with face in hands, for a quarter when I asked him to stick around and tell his story to police. The man in the car I hit didn’t speak English. Felt terrible that he got brought into my vehicular drama, but also that he had to be stuck with me for 35 minutes in the center turning lane of a fairly busy street as we waited for police. Our cars were stuck together.  I got in and out of my car checking to see if he was bleeding, freaking out or suffering from dehydration and promising through sign language that I had called 911. Short version of long story. I had lots of friends show up and help me and met some super cool motorcycle cops in the process. Whatever, life happens. I’ll instead focus on the fun times before the wreck.

Como, Mississippi

Between Oxford and Memphis — right off I-55.


My college roommate in the Delta Gamma house put herself through college by working at the steak house on main street there which you see in the picture above. I always thought of her late at night and worried as she drove back and forth from Oxford to Como. She’d come home — back to the DG house– tired and smelling of steaks.


I have to say :: I don’t hunt. All the men in my family hunt, but I just can’t imagine killing something (other than a roach) regardless of how small it is. I’m definitely not going to shoot a bird, but I do think the tradition and planning behind the hunt is wonderful.

My hosts :: Ellie and her boyfriend Barry


I enjoyed sitting in the back of the truck, searching my exposed skin for chiggers and watching the men do this sport they’ve done since they were little guys. They were all so very good — a little too good, frankly, as I winced every time one of the little birds stopped mid-air and fluttered all the way down. The shooter making his way through the high fields always right to where the bird landed. I instead filled the time imagining what that field had looked like only weeks/months earlier. The person who owned the land had planted fields and fields of sunflowers. They are dead now to attract the birds, but I bet they were spectacular.

Bonny from Terry, MS :: Lives in DC now

I do like hanging with the men :: these men wear Levi’s :: even the men in training


The hunters rented a house I can only describe as amazing.

In fact, so nice I didn’t want to leave for any of the weekend functions. If I had to guess it was built in the 1920’s. The screened in porch was perfect. The swing well oiled with a slight creak.

Inside the rooms were full of antiques and even some funky retro selections. Unexpected. Love a scrap rug.


The back yard was like a scene from a country still life. Tractors, sheds and fields for a view. Roosters roaming around.

I talk a lot about spaces. How much I love them. How happy they make me. It probably seems as if I’m easily excited and satisfied. I think I am. It doesn’t take much and this charming home off Main Street in Como did it. My friend Bonny, who was with us from D.C, said it was like a spread from Garden and Gun. I agree.

I remember when I was younger it was always,

“what’s next” “where are we going” “who will be there”

That isn’t me anymore. I realized it this weekend. I heard the others talk about how hot the porch was, and it was, but I didn’t care. I didn’t want to move. I had a cold diet coke and that was enough to keep me satisfied.

I had been so excited to write this blog about this cool house and the neat things we did, but after the wreck I just didn’t feel like anything sunday night — except sitting around and crying–thinking about what could have happened :: how scary it was to spin around and stop only to see traffic headed right for me. Even feels silly to write about how amazing my weekend was a day later after almost dying on the way home, though bottom line :: I’m alive. I’m going to celebrate it. Got a really great spirit boost tonight. My mom came on a last minute road trip to Memphis with my aunt and grannie. Aunt Stephanie lives in Pensacola and Granny in Brewton, AL (South Alabama). I never imagined Granny would be able to see my life here in Memphis. She told me how much she loves my apartment :: how she could tell I’d been collecting my nick nacks for years. Makes me so happy to have them here.

Accidentally snapped this pic on my way home. My friend Krista pointed out my necklace as we stood sweating by my car. I smiled when I saw the picture.


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