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By Lindsey

#ShareYourGarden, if you please!

On 24, May 2016 | No Comments | In Music | By Lindsey

I was sitting on my porch Sunday and this idea hit me: I love taking pictures of gardens, nature, grassy areas, shady spots and garden rooms. I know many of you do, too, so let’s make the pictures easier to see in one spot!

I enjoy seeing pictures from your walks, strolls and places that inspire you on a daily basis. Our special garden spaces don’t have to be fancy to bring us great joy. So let’s share the inspiration using the hashtag #ShareYourGarden and see how many pretty pics we can get in. I’m not talking professional pics, I’m talking about the ones you and I snap while on walks or while we stand around watering our flowers. Those unexpected moments of beauty.

Here’s how it will work:

FACEBOOK: 1) post your picture to my wall (lindseybrown-news) using the hashtag #shareyourgarden and include any info you’d like me to include with the picture such as where it was taken or even why you admire the pic’s contents. For example, maybe it’s a pic of an orchid you’ve been nursing for years or a plant passed down from family. Don’t we love to hear success stories? 2) Send the pic to me in a private FB message and include all the same information.

TWITTER: Tweet the picture to me at @lbrownKSTP and include the hashtag #shareyourgarden with any other info you can fit in the twitter word limit. I’ll retweet it and also include it in our facebook album.

INSTAGRAM: Post your picture on your account and include my handle @lindseyrbrown along with the #shareyourgarden hashtag and I’ll share it using the repost app and use it on twitter and facebook while giving you credit!

EMAIL: Send all the necessary info to me along with the picture to

Easy, right!! Hopefully it will bring us a bunch of pretty nature inspired pictures to make our social media lives a bit brighter and give us ideas for our own yards and houses. If you have friends who would enjoy this, make sure they follow me on facebook at lindseybrown-news



Here’s a short look back to how I’ve become obsessed with finding spots that bring comfort, joy, inspiration – whatever you call that sense of peace needed in our hectic lives.

The small apartment I had in my first job was really cool. Old warehouse that went the length of the building. Only problem was there were just a few windows and only in the rear of the building. I dreamed of outdoor space flooded with light. I would ride down our prettiest street in Meridian just to take in the fresh smell of grass and take pictures.

When I moved to Memphis I finally got it!!! I had the most fantastic screened in porch that I filled with plants. I made it an oasis for Bridget and me.


Those Memphis azaleas made the space.




Every day we sat out there and listened to rain, crickets, birds, the breeze and stalked the walkers/bikers/runners going down our street. We also had a huge yard that my landlord gave me freedom to dig up and fill with color.


Mom and I made great use of the rocking chairs and windows.

garden-7I used the backyard just as much!




Leaving Memphis and that porch broke my heart. I promised to find another one.

Next apartment was a brand new contemporary high-end skyscraper type of apartment building in downtown Minneapolis. It was hot, but it didn’t scream zen or nature. We made it work. We had a very narrow porch on the 11th floor and I did my best to make it feel straight out of Cottage Living.






We’d sit out and try to relax, but between the fear of falling off the balcony and the squealing from the light rail train below us, it just wasn’t going to work. Clearly that type of cold contemporary living was just meant as a short experience for Matt and me. We searched far and wide for a new home in the Twin Cities. Ironically, we found our current home while in the neighborhood for their annual garden tour – perfect. We saw our house with a rental sign and we were touring it the next day.  My plants seemed to perk up just hearing we were moving to the semi-suburbs.


This house in St Paul has old bones that we love, but also has a huge outdoor patio spot with lots of privacy. I think of it as my secret garden. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not perfect. It’s basically a big porch on top of a garage, so there’s some industrial elements, but I’m so happy I don’t even see the bars and concrete. So, you see what I meant earlier, this isn’t about fancy or perfection, it’s about sharing what makes you happy and inspired!


#mymatt loves it too

Valentine -2

It was mom approved in May. Hopefully she’s back later in the summer.


Along with the plants I’ve brought to the patio, the property is just so naturally lush. We are surrounded by lilacs and other greening bushes. Next step this summer is getting a little fire pit and maybe an umbrella for those really sunny days, pray we have many!

So as you can see I’m loving spring and plan to enjoy summer and fall. By the way, full credit of this love of mine goes to my mother, so expect her garden and nature pics to make it into the album all the time! (not sure she will be able to figure out the hashtag deal, though)

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