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In Musings

By Lindsey

I’m in Folk Art :: Lamar Sorrento

On 02, Apr 2012 | No Comments | In Musings | By Lindsey

I stared at his art all four years of college in Oxford.

This is me on top

Lamar has since added CHOPPER 5 and put me in a white dress

Much classier

All the restaurants/bars decorated with it. I always wondered who was behind the colorful/playful folk art. Who was this Lamar Sorrento dude? He’s always painting famous blues singers and other musicians. Well, on today’s painting he put a mic in his subject’s hand again, but this time it was plugged straight into a television. That’s right. That’s me in that strange cheerleading looking outfit standing on your tube in the top photo.  He said it’s a concept piece. Clearly you see it shows me gathering up all the news from the universe (the fives for Channel 5 are mixed with the stars) and importing it right in the tv. Deep, right?


I kept him amped up on real coke in a bottle.

I know how to take care of my artists.

Lamar’s website  where you can read more about him and buy his work.

Below is the “about me” section from his web page

He’s funny. Very funny.

In fact, here’s a joke he told me today.

“What’s the difference between Walter Cronkite and a yam? One is a commen-tator and the other is a sweet-tater.” 

as a rule.,,..i am repulsed by most artist’s ABOUT ME page,,.,..they usually ramble on and on about how they studied art here or there and how they are SO inspired by this or that and how passionate they are etc etc…(urp).,., day about 20 years ago, i just started painting on a whim and it has turned into a 20 year obsession,,,and i still am not sure what i am doing..

once i did an art show  with HOWARD FINSTER  in OXFORD, MISISSIPPI,,,He was a big legend,,,,but he was not all about Me..he was very cool…at the opening recpetion, he brought a banjo and sat and played it…and we ate pizza and he flirted with girls,,,i thought a lot of him..,.thats what art is about to me….you paint show it.,,and dont worry too much  if they like it or not…if you paint it and you like it, someone else will too..,unless you are really bizarre…,,…but you hope they buy something…you would be surprised how many people come to your art openings just for the free wine and cheese…

i don’t know anything about art, except it is incredibly hard….every time i sit down to paint something,  i just pray that it will come out ok…. ..i don’t have an artist’s mission statement…i like to play guitar and to paint…and i like a pint of Foster’s lager…i am not complex…

most of the time people want to know how much money  a painting will cost them to order…..well, i will tell you…most of the time i paint on 24 x 24 thin wood…fiberboard or whatever..i can use a canvas also….your preference… and i charge from 100 to 200 dollars..depending on how hard it is…just drop me a line or call me.,,,,i’m friendly…..sometimes i give them away…sometimes i trade them for beer and cigarettes,,,..

some people are all impressed by celebrity…so i included my old partial celebrity client list…i’ve forgotten a lot that arent on there..100 dollars from you isnt any different than 100 dollars from eric clapton……

i have been in all kinds of magazines and newspapers….but ..snore…who cares…..?..

i was on tv this summer…on YOUNG BROKE AND BEAUTIFUL on the IFC channel…on a travel show about MEMPHIS..i heard from quite a few people who saw it….i didnt see it…i dont have that channel..,.,.,…oh yea…i forgot to memntion…i live in MEMPHIS…the poorest big city in AMERICA…


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