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In Design

By Lindsey

My English Treasure Trove

On 16, Apr 2012 | No Comments | In Design, Travel | By Lindsey

Isn’t this one of the best parts. Taking out all of your treasures and putting them in a spot where you can see them and remind you of how pretty the day was or how the rain forced you to hide out in a neat restaurant where you then met a new, hopefully, lifelong friend? I couldn’t sleep this morning so I took out all my purchases to make sure they made the trip home. Nothing broken! I don’t buy expensive things…have you checked out the conversion rate? ouch! ¬†I like to just find little things, often free, to place around my home. Here they are! All of these were either made or designed in England. I hope, at least. It’s tough finding things that aren’t made in China. China would be fine if I was visiting China.

Clearly this one didn’t cost me a lot

I really like this beer :: made in Bath

Great design, too

My friend Rich tells me Bath has a very good rugby team for its size. Richard spent two days with me. He’s a marine and was also on break.

You should see him in his uniform, very handsome.

He gave me this sweet mini ball

I went a bit leather crazy on this trip

I bought this great bag in the lovely Richmond

Mo sold it to me. He was quite the salesman.

I had a strict two book rule

Isn’t this one pretty!

2nd book :: I’m a sucker for design

This below is a candle designed by the folks at Kew Gardens outside London

Love the color

Bought these in Hampton Court, not the palace, but the town

leather bag number 2. This one I got in the beach community of Brighton

I’ve been looking for a real leather backpack/purse for years

This one smells like a giant cow. Perfect!

As always a sucker for the english rose pattern.

Makeup bag.

I collect dish towels

this one is sweet :: cuter in person. Bought it in Bath from the shop where my hotel bought most of their decorations

One of my favorite places was this old house called Ham House in the town of Ham

I love this tour booklet :: I might frame it

More about Ham House :: CLICK

And here’s to some major restraint

Only one piece of clothing

This great vintage style dress by Louche

My favorite part is the top with the flowing sleeves

More about Louche :: Click :: adorable website 


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