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In Musings

By Lindsey

Paletas and a Breeze

On 16, May 2013 | No Comments | In Musings | By Lindsey

This is my first spring to anchor mornings.  I already knew this schedule is good for me, but this was one of the moments that I realized how lucky I am to get off at one pm.

Picked up my lil sis, Kiara and we grabbed some Mexican. We’ve found this place between my house and hers that has  a porch (and gives complimentary cheese with the salsa) and just sat around with no place to be and nothing to do. It was warm but not too hot. We were in the shade. Our server didn’t feel like making lots of trips inside for refills, so he gave us giant frosty mugs full of diet coke for me – doctor pepper for her.

Since we didn’t see each other for Cinco De Mayo we had an impromptu Mexican influenced meal followed by something cold from my new favorite spot.

La Michoacana on Summer

I can never get just one. Why would I want to?

The popsicles are so good. Real fruit. Not too sweet. Not bad for me. Kiara wasn’t convinced. She stuck with cookies and creme ice cream. Maybe one day!

My favorite moment was sitting with Kiara on my porch. I love sitting there. Normally I’m alone, but having Kiara with me was nice. There was a breeze and the perfect amount of shade from the lime green trees over my house. We agreed hanging on a work/school night is fun. Feels like a stolen moment.

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