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In Music

By Lindsey

Memoryhouse :: For Your Summer :: For Your Heart

On 29, May 2012 | No Comments | In Music | By Lindsey

By now most of those who read my blog know my music style, for the most part, I guess.

It’s normally going to have a dreamy :: ethereal quality to it. I’m always so delighted when I find a new band that feels so perfect it’s as if the songs were written by a dear friend who knew exactly what would touch my heart and carry me along the road on whichever adventure I’m on at the time.

Memoryhouse is that. They aren’t my friends; I’m sure they are cool, though. They have to be. From what I read they never set out to be a band :: the singer with the amazing voice was/is a photographer and apparently it just happened. Now they are on Sub Pop. The way that happens with naturally creative people is just fascinating. So inspiring it makes me think that maybe if I picked up a paintbrush it would turn into a career….though, the summer I decided to create my own stationery company with aluminum foil taught me this just isn’t the case for this talentless creative.

The songs drift in unexpected ways. They switch tempos using a fun assortment of instruments and gadgets. The steel guitar scattered through the record is a treat and perfect for summer. The singer’s voice is so nice :: when I sing along I pretend hers is mine. Made for an amazing ride from Little Rock to Memphis this morning (monday). What’s interesting is that I can hear the other options they could have gone with when composing the songs. Some might want them to be even more upbeat :: I can certainly hear how they would sound in my head. Though, I like them just as they are. I think the restraint offers a purity that I appreciate. Speaking of that drive from Little Rock to Memphis :: this record is the only thing that got me over the Mississippi River Bridge into Memphis. I get so panicky on bridges. I’ve almost been here a year and this trip was the first time I had to be the person driving over it. I’m talking cold sweaty hands and light-headed. I just turned the music up really loud and focused on the center lane.

Some extremely high points on The Slideshow Effect which came out in Feb.

All Our Wonder 

I had so much fun singing the lines below over and over. The “we’re not the lucky ones” took me forever to get right.

“No more silencing me :: We not the lucky ones. We’ll never be the lucky ones.”

The Kids Were Wrong 


Fast with a bit of groove splashed in. A superb dancer. Around 3:16 you hear the groovy bits I’m talking about. Fantastic.


Really nice. I love…”Lie on the ground before the lightening strikes. Just don’t drown in the flood.” At 3:20 it is just wonderful.

Pale Blue

“we’re not alone”

** plus they were touring with Washed Out. Another fave. Good stuff all around.


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