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In Music

By Lindsey

Early Bloomers and Those “Still Standing” :: Weekend with Sir Elton

On 18, Mar 2013 | No Comments | In Music | By Lindsey

We had busy and slow. Sunny and overcast. All over a weekend that was all about going to see Elton John Saturday night, a concert that almost never was.

Can you tell how sweaty we were? Goodness the body heat.

No point in posting a pic of the concert – we were way too high up

I got a station email late friday saying Elton had canceled a concert in Birmingham that night. My boyfriend was in the air – on his way to Memphis as I read it. We each had our list of lifetime favorites we’d stayed up way too late ( 6 pm for me) talking about on the phone like high school kids, though I doubt they are up talking about Elton John these days. We’d probably be better off if they were.


Funny thinking that both our parents saw him in the 70’s

40 years or so later so are we

Apparently he just needed a night to get rid of his stomach bug because we were in the nose bleeds dancing in our seats and shaking our shoulders with thousands of Memphians. I had most wanted to hear Bennie and the Jets. I can’t help it. That slow piano start always makes me feel so jazzy. Matt most wanted to hear some songs off Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. When we’d talked about it, I dismissed his choices thinking Elton would only play the major – major crowd pleasers. It was Matt’s lucky night. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road is celebrating 40 years this year and Sir Elton was quite eager to go down memory lane and subsequently down that yellow road. As a music lover it’s beautiful to see someone else as happy to hear songs.


When he started Funeral for a Friend Matt was thrilled! As eager as I was to hear Bennie and the Jets, I ended up most enjoying Philadelphia Freedom. I’ve always liked it but I think it was just the laser stars bouncing around the forum that took me over. As a side note, it was a joy to see the forum packed with such a slice of life across age – interest – race – taste / everyone was happy as could be to see this larger than life figure playing the piano in his red bedazzled tunic that looked to have just arrived from India.


Other than that Matt and I ate good food and enjoyed my porch.

I’ve been getting my yard ready. I’m taking my time. Only planting obvious spring bloomers. It’s so hard to not go crazy at once.

I’ve also been playing with some recipes. This was parmesan chicken and mustard roasted potatoes with a simple arugula salad and lemon dressing. I’m no chef, but I like to eat and play with my pretty kitchen items I’ve been collecting forever. Springtime (almost, at least) makes the prettiest light in the house, doesn’t it.

Dredging Success

Spring is all about linens for the Brown ladies

dressing to match the tablecloth

Big thanks to my neighbors Leigh & Donna for letting me cut some branches

Goodness what pretty colors!!!

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In Design

By Lindsey

My Own Secret Garden

On 05, Apr 2012 | No Comments | In Design, Musings | By Lindsey

Well, not really. I just like to pretend. That’s my dream. I want that garden I imagined as a little girl and then again as an older little girl in college when I read, The Secret Garden. In my mind’s eye there is color everywhere. Ivy is growing in every crack, brick and wall. The stone and brick around the yard is all dark and worn. The trees are so old they hang over the yard like a tent for my own little celebration. You can feel the spirits of all the people who loved the land just as much as you do, but from a different time. Maybe they dreamed there, smiled there, cried there or just looked with wonder as I do. ¬†We’re never alone. The history of it all is always with us.

I’m celebrating these little beauties. I planted them early September. They are back and more glorious than ever.

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In Design

By Lindsey

Don’t Go :: I Don’t Want To Wait Another Year

On 04, Apr 2012 | No Comments | In Design, Musings | By Lindsey

They have been a true joy.

When I moved in back in August, I had no idea the azaleas would be this magnificent.


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