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In Musings

By Lindsey

That Nurturing Feeling

On 26, May 2013 | No Comments | In Musings | By Lindsey

It’s why we work hard.

The ability to take a breath and say good work. “It’s all wonderful.”

I’m talking about the yard. Saturday I woke up and had my breakfast/dietcoke in my secret garden. ok ok ok, before I get called out by those who have seen it, it’s hardly a secret garden. It’s very open in my backyard, but I do have my special place located in a shady corner nuzzled up to some bushes and a big tree canopy. Secret it is.

As I sat appreciating the peace that only a saturday morning with no plans can provide :: it started. I thought, Jeez, I need more impatiens; I’ll just run out and get a few.

First the quest to find a bunch of impatiens on Memorial Day weekend. After two stops I found the only four six packs and made it out without someone nabbing them from my basket. Impressive considering I had to break the bad news twice that they were the last ones!

Once home it turned into a full day of not only planting the new plants but moving plants that needed more or less sun. It’s a strange nurturing feeling. Those who love plants, feel me? It’s like when they start showing more blooms they say to me, ” Girl, you knew just what I needed.”

Planted these lilies maybe two years ago
What a lovely sight to see them bloom again
Secret Garden – shush it’s a secret


Very content – reading southern living and listening to Kurt Vile
Purple all summer


color color color – shade shade shade


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