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In Musings

By Lindsey

Fall in final days outside so we’re bringing it inside, slowly

On 28, Oct 2016 | No Comments | In Musings | By Lindsey

Minnesota gets an amazing fall.

10-26-16-021The color is just breathtaking. We are fortunate that our house is full of big windows, so you feel as if you are in a tree house. Even if you are inside, you still get to feel part of nature. We’ve been so busy enjoying the natural beauty, that we only just this past weekend started decorating our house. I know I have a bunch of fall decorations somewhere in the basement, but you know how that goes. I assume we’ll find them by the time we move again! We have so much more to do. My parents are spending Thanksgiving weekend with us, so I want our house to feel just as warm and cozy has Mom has always made ours feel for holidays, especially fall.

This is our humble mantle as of today.

I’ll add a bunch of flowers as we get closer to turkey day. Don’t want to put them up now because they will die. I just don’t have time for that.

10-26-16-00810-26-16-00910-26-16-00610-26-16-010Here’s our new pride and joy sent to us this month by Matt’s mom. How funny is this pumpkin gal? We need to come up with a name for her. She has on a skirt, fancy tights and I tied a little orange bow on her ankle because why not! Silly thing makes me laugh every time I pass her.


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