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In Design

By Lindsey

Mist and Fume & the men I adore

On 04, Jul 2012 | No Comments | In Design, Musings | By Lindsey

In the small Mississippi town of Meridian, Mississippi there are these two men, Sean and Patrick.  They are dreamers :: creatives :: brains :: and lookers. They sit around late at night talking about all the amazing things they would like to do with their lives. In the time I’ve known them they’ve had so many different ideas. Their brainstorming process is a beautiful thing. Though, they are always waiting for the right idea that would mix their personalities, creativity and talents.

I was thrilled when I heard they have finally figured out what I think is their best idea. They are starting a furniture company called Mist and Fume.

Here’s a little bit about these guys. Patrick Flannagan is a true artist in a sense I feel we don’t celebrate enough.

With Patrick on my last night in the Queen City

Sitting on Sean’s porch

He works with his hands remodeling old homes. He can do anything you need him to do, but now, at the urging of many, he will be making furniture. Furniture made of materials that have a story. Pieces that you can pass along to your family with pride and love. I can already see him working late into the night with dust in his hair and stain all over his work clothes. Sounds like I’m setting up a romance novel, right. Well, that’s because he this super handsome artisan who is capable of creating so much beauty.

His partner in crime or in this case furniture, a one time boyfriend of mine, equally beautiful, but in a more computer nerd way, is in charge of the online marketing. He is a master with design and the visual, so I fully expect the venture to be a raving success.

Sean visiting me in Memphis with his partner Patrick

Sean is in the process of finishing their website where you can get an early peek at their work. In the meantime, they have created a temporary site (link below) and are running a contest that seems specifically made for me. The more people who visit their temporary site and enter an email address, the better chance I have of winning a handmade piece of furniture.


Though, since they both helped move me to Memphis, I’m sure they would say I don’t need MORE furniture, I still would love to have a piece by these two men I adore. I will say, my main goal is to tell you all about these two guys and Mist and Fume. I think you’ll hear a lot more about this Mississippi made furniture and the wonderful people behind it. Can you tell I love these guys? Best of luck to you both. muah







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