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In Music

By Lindsey

Paul Sings To Us in Memphis

On 28, May 2013 | No Comments | In Music | By Lindsey


It was a last minute decision. Not because I don’t love the Beatles, have amazing memories of loving them as a kid and then loving their older stuff as a teen, instead I put it off because I just didn’t want to ruin my idea of Paul McCartney. I’ve managed to keep this vision of him as a 30 something. Scruffy beard and walking with the other handsome guys.

I wasn’t interested in anything that would ruin that. Plus, I’d already seen Elton and Fleetwood Mac this spring, so my legends concert budget was getting kinda low/empty.



My inner self ended up winning and the idea of missing my one chance to see a beatle perform live won. Jason Miles, who is one of my closest Memphis friends and also a colleague, and I managed to get our hands on some pretty decent tickets. Sure they were way up there, but we are on the aisle, and at the very bottom of our terrace level, straight in front of the stage. I’ve been in seats all around the forum, these are the best yet.

He was just wonderful. The songs from the early 60’s made me tear up a little and smile, while those from the late 60’s, the ones I most love, were just rockin. During Live and Let Die they let out these massive explosions that sent the amazing smelling smoke scent into the forum. I’ve always liked that smell. Freaky Lindsey.

Maybe that’s why I almost passed out the next morning during the news. Hum…. Read last post for the unfortunate details.

Paul was adorable. He has seen so much and done so much. His on stage personality was light, funny, and playful. He did these adorable little jigs between songs and couldn’t stop pulling up his sagging pants. My, the things noticed when there are thousands of eyes on a person.

When not glued to his sagging pants, It was hard to take my eyes off the video that ran during the concert. It had pictures of Paul with John, George, and Ringo. Pics of Paul as a daddy, with Wings, when they were all young and when they were close to no more. It was a very touching night. Touching because of all the history and because of all the personal history I have associated with the music (yes – it is possible to have been born in 80’s and still live through the songs), but also because I could watch all the people around me doing the same. The music will be beautiful forever and personal to so many.



My favorite background was for Back in the USSR. As a Russophile, I can’t help but enjoy all the scenes.


I got a good laugh when I saw these four during the show. They were so excited!! It was a long, three hour plus, concert and they stood at the very top of the nose bleeds the whole show!

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