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In Travel

By Lindsey

Peter Diamond and Rich’s Bath

On 17, Apr 2012 | No Comments | In Travel | By Lindsey

Bath is maybe the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. It depends on what type of beauty you are talking about, but for me the Bath stone and rolling green hills just do it for me. For others, it’s some tropical paradise that gets their juices flowing. Well, despite all the beauty around me, the building below and the stories I know surrounding it were all I could think of and look for around me there.

This is the Bath Police Station on Manvers Street. It was right in front of me as I got off the train. Here I thought I’d have to search for it.

In my books Peter Diamond is the Chief Inspector Detective in Bath. The murders all take place in Bath or surrounding communities and feature many of the well-known spots like the  parks, the abbey, the Roman Baths and the theaters.

While, yes, I’d been wanting to go back to Bath since I was 17, visiting the city where all my favorite books were written was a main reason for the quick trip there.

Problem is none of my new Bath friends had a clue who CID Diamond is. I know I sound crazy, but I’ve read around 12 books featuring him. To me Peter is real. Since I was on vacation my imagination was on super speed and I just allowed it to be since I was on break. I saw Peter walking through Victoria Park, the same park where his wife was found murdered. I saw him, grumpy and out of shape, walking through the pretty streets, just as he would in the stories. The writer, Peter Lovesey, apparently lived very near bath in Bradford on Avon for years, but no longer does. We drove there and it was lovely. I read they are trying to make a television series out of the books. My fingers are crossed!

This is the one shot I got that most looked CID Diamond. This man was a wee bit too thin. It still works for my one shot.

If crime fiction isn’t your thing :: there are many other beautiful things to see in Bath. I’ll post some of my fave pics.

I was lucky enough to meet a friend who hung out with me for the two days I was there.

Rich joined me for a great warm dinner and told me all about his life there in Bath. I try not to act like a reporter, but after only a couple sips of beer I’m slinging the questions his way. The next day he showed me what was tucked away in those amazing green hills surrounding the city that I’d been eying all day and can still remember being enchanted with at 17. Sorry the pics don’t match. I was using 3 different cameras on this trip.

The Crescent

The Bath Abbey

Amazing structure

There is a great space under it with lots of benches

It’s right near the Roman Baths

(Peter Diamond likes to sit here while he ponders the crimes)

The Cricket field

These dudes almost hit me twice as I walked by to my hotel

I saw myself without teeth and it was sad

This is where Rich grew up.

Oh my how different lives we all live

What a view he had in this old manor house

I wonder how long it would take me living in England to stop trying to get in the driver’s seat when I’m a passenger??

I’ve thanked him over and over, but I’ll do it again

What an amazing time I had seeing what was around me and not just staring from a distance

Inside Bath Abbey


The drive

The view outside my hotel room

I loved my hotel, The Brindleys

The view outside my hotel the next morning at 5 am

I couldn’t sleep :: sore throat :: at least I caught this shot!!

This is what we were seeing out my window

I didn’t know there was water down there until we walked down a bit

My hotel

If you are ever in Bath :: I recommend it

I had a time I won’t forget

Plus, the bed was so soft :: everything so elegant

Here is their website :: CLICK

Dinner with Rich at the White Hart Inn

They also have some rooms for rent upstairs

The inside was so cozy with local art

The food was good and all the serving pieces were so homey

Rich and I had fun trying to figure out what these ladies were talking about!

You can barely see her, but the pub pooch came for a kiss from Rich

My favorite shot

Just amazing

When am I going back? Sooner than later!

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