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By Lindsey

lights, electronics and a late night :: Fantastic Music Friday

On 25, Jan 2013 | No Comments | In Music | By Lindsey


So….when I moved to Memphis I told myself I would take advantage of the bands that do come through the city. We don’t get a ton of the type I like, but over the last 8 months or so we’ve been lucky. Beach House, Wild Nothing (a fave) (twice), Japandroids, Future Islands (love), My Morning Jacket, Sharon Van Etten with Damien Jurado, Flaming Lips and Band of Horses. No complaints here. Though, with my MASSIVE life change, now anchoring mornings-waking up at 2:30 am, it takes A LOT of pre-planning if I’m going to catch a show.

Purity Ring played Thursday night at the hi-tone.

From the website, A heart is a spade


It’s a male/female duo from Montreal.

I was fascinated by what the male was up to during the show. It was so packed :: I swear every hipster from Oxford and Little Rock made the trip, so I had to stand on a chair in the back stretching my neck to watch his interesting work. The male does all the light changes (which are awesome) does all the mixing and also plays with the female singer’s vocals. The result is a very ethereal sound with cool beats, and I don’t talk about beats all that often, so this is good haunting stuff. On the album it’s a little creepier than live. No worries. Good both ways. I did listen to the album all the way down to Meridian two weeks ago. Sounded great in my rented impala. Still fighting the urge to get one :: it sounded so good.

To make the night of music happen I went home and went to sleep for like 5 hours then went to the show at 10, and got two more hours of sleep after the show. So, in total, just as much as I normally get. I’ve turned into a crazy sleep counter. I know how much I need and work constantly to organize it.

Now, since the show I’ve learned their electronic kit deal on stage is custom made (by the looks of it that’s obvious) and the female singer apparently makes a lot of their clothes. She’s got the whole — beach house — hair thing going so she looks a little like a baby doll with dark hair.

Official Video from Pitchfork :: little graphic and strange ::

All in all a fantastic Thursday night of music, though with a tragic twist. It was probably the last show I’ll see at one of my favorite places ever, the hi-tone. Oh well, all good and bad end.


If you want to see them they play friday (tonight) in Nashville.




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