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In Travel

By Lindsey

Sewanee and its Beauty

On 09, Aug 2013 | No Comments | In Travel | By Lindsey

On this Friday I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend alone in Memphis. This is a rare occurrence these days. As much as I’m looking forward to blasting through the latest Vanity Fair and indulging in some of my favorite cold fizzy wine, I’m also thinking about how much fun I had last weekend in Sewanee, TN.


This is where Matt went to undergrad. I may have loved my four years at Ole Miss, but Matt really loved/loves his school. I remember him telling me all about it in one of our first chats – years ago. Finally I had the chance to see why.

Sewanee is beautiful. I actually think the mix of a rustic nature landscape in the East TN mountains and Cambridge style/ locally quarried stone buildings would have inspired me, probably a little more than Ole Miss, no regrets, though. Ole Miss is pristine, just different. Sewanee definitely doesn’t have the square!!

Anyhow, Matt was so excited to show me the campus. Actually he was absolutely giddy as we walked in the library, through his old English classrooms and on walks through the campus trails. They were stunning.



The weekend was all about wishing a beautiful marriage to Matt’s friends William & Martha. His friends put on the sweetest party. Great foods and a beautiful table overlooking the bluff. His friend Miles made these amazing flatbread pizzas with fresh cheese, tomatoes, red onions and olives.


The house we stayed in was precious. Lots of vintage pieces and fantastic screened in back porch. Right on the campus.


Life is good.


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