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In Music

By Lindsey

Small Black :: Fantastic Music Friday

On 10, Oct 2013 | No Comments | In Music | By Lindsey


We’ve all fallen in love. Well, I’ve had two males cowardly tell me before that they don’t know how to love? Crazy liars. If you ask me the only thing close to as big as falling in love is falling in love with new music. It’s a similarly earth shattering / I’ve been reborn feeling. The more you hear the more you are convinced this is something a cut above just the one hot song you download. When it’s a whole portfolio of heart stealing music my heart dips.

This week it’s dipping for Small Black. The band has a new and second release out as of this past May. It’s lovely dream pop at its best, with moments of nice intensity. There is plenty of shine and sparkle to last you an entire evening, some even enter into the ballad realm, still plenty of sparkle with those as well.

Here’s a great one to give a go :: CLICK

Pay no mind to Pitchfork’s review, if you happen to run across it. The writer simply must have been in the middle of a bad day or writing reviews for the wrong genre.

Happy Friday. Feel free to celebrate my 30th birthday with me all weekend. The day of my birth is the 15th. I plan to listen to plenty of tunes, soak up the fall sunshine and enjoy a nice drink or two. Cheers to being alive!!!!!!


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