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In Musings

By Lindsey

A thanks for flexibility

On 24, Nov 2017 | No Comments | In Musings | By Lindsey

Our first Thanksgiving as a married couple Matt and I made the brave decision to cook a (almost) full thanksgiving meal as we would enjoy with our families if I didn’t have to work that day. Considering I did have to be at work shortly after lunchtime, we were up early trying to execute the relatively simple dishes that in our minds have always been complicated and truly were only done right by our mamma’s and grandmamma’s. This isn’t a long story. Everything worked out. We swapped a big turkey for a roasted chicken, but still we felt satisfied though a little beat up. I had about 30 minutes to pass out on the couch with my dirty floral apron. I’m sure my anchoring was just fantastic that day. Big full holiday meals before work might not be a good use of my abilities.

Last year (2015) Mom and Dad came in town with the mission of Matt and me really getting a full understanding of a traditional thanksgiving meal.

That was very successful despite the many a bloody mary enjoyed while mom had me mixing the cornbread. I remember most of it. We loved having mom and dad with us in our first home together as a married couple, but we still need more practice to execute this meal before I go into work just hours later.

So, this year, it just hit us! No way. We are going to fill up our guts and not even worry about washing a dish. All I’m saying is we have plenty of time for those homemade meals with our southern favorites, but there was something very fine about pulling up to the timeless St. Paul Hotel and sitting for a perfectly executed meal.

Don’t even get me started on the fabulous pecan pie. I feel like my grandmother would pinch me over this, but it was the best pecan pie I’ve ever had and we’re way up in Minnesota????? Yes, I said that. Matt even agreed.

It’s fun to watch the two of us get more comfortable and flexible with our traditions. I’m thankful we get to do this together. and thankful for the pecan pie.

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