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In Musings
Wedding 2015

By Lindsey

He’s almost here…..One week away.

On 27, Feb 2015 | No Comments | In Musings, Wedding 2015 | By Lindsey

Lots of love to my hard working fiance. Today was his last day of work before he moves up to join me in Minneapolis. I know he’s going to love it up here, as I do, but he has a great group of friends, colleagues and family down in Griffin, Georgia who he is going to miss terribly. Sending all my love down south to him. All of our Griffin friends have been incredibly supportive as he makes this GIANT life change. We will be down there often, no doubt. Those folks know how to party. Plus, it’s home, just has he’s adopted Mississippi for me.



That’s the ice covered Mississippi River behind us. I’ll will always think it’s just one of the most incredible sights and so foreign to someone who grew up down river. We are standing at Saint Anthony Falls. It’s the only waterfall on the Mississippi.

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